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Ecig health investigation

Posted by admin on December 04, 2014
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Electronic cigarette is a apparatus with positive effects on smokers and non smokers. A recently released study conducted by  a group of research workers in Athens studied the acute effects of vapor to the respiratory system of smokers with and without lung troubles.

In this study disposable e cigs were used, modern devices that provide a wholesome alternative to conventional tobacco smokes. The researchers examined 24 smokers, of which 11 had healthy lungs and 13 with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. In subjects utilizing the disposable electronic cigarette for 10 minutes, the resistance of the respiratory pipes was quantified before and following the usage of the disposable smoke.

The conclusion of the study was that in smokers with normal spirometry there was a statistically significant increase from an average of 176% to 220% with regard to resistance of the respiratory system, and it was merely after 10 minutes of utilizing the disposable ecig. In patients with pulmonary ailments and asthma, having an ecig seemingly has less immediate influence to the resistance. But when the same patients used the disposable smoke for several days, considerable increases were found, also.

Given the results, the researchers state the disposable e cigs are way safer than ordinary cigarettes. In effect, the scientists advocate that smokers replace the tobacco cigarettes with all the disposable cigs. Developments in well-being may be detected in an extremely short time, and, additionally, you don’t damage individuals around you, either

Sadly these findings weren’t released in the press and several papers and magazines indicate the ECIG ( alternate name for an electronic cigarette) changes the lungs, lowers blood oxygen plus they’re just dangerous. These claims are utterly untrue and without any scientific support. A lot of people are affected by this misinformation, plus they really do not possess the bravery to experiment the e-cigarette as a result of the negative effects they could have to their health. But if there would be more efforts to describe how healthy these devices have been in comparison to standard smokes, many lives may be saved

The judgments of the research and also the electronic cigarette

The findings of the study are clear: after only 10 minutes of use of the e-cigarettes, the opposition of the respiratory pipes raised in smokers without lung difficulties. And so the effect is far from establishing the electronic cigarettes would create lung injury and respiratory distress

Involving the accusation according to which the ecig would result in hypoxemia (low blood oxygen in the blood), investigators never have even considered this parameter, this information is altered by the press, as in the official press release there was no reference of the difficulty.

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