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The importance of capturing emails

Posted by admin on March 12, 2014
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For any business online or off you need to get customers and customers who purchase on your web site or online store, you can do so by various means such as organic traffic, paid traffic, advertising in different media, writing articles, leaving links on other sites etc. .

In short no matter how they got there customers to your website , firstly it is important that you buy and can capture the data to follow and offer them other products or services . )

This is where a mailing list becomes your best ally in a large and active , you need to capture the email addresses left by visitors to your website, this is so important that the big online marketers prioritize building that list.

Email marketingSome of the figures bandied about in relation to mailing lists may be wrong but according to my experience are not too far from the truth then I will tell you some things regarding these figures.

The value of each subscriber generally between 1 cent and one dollar per month however you must have a qualified list and your niche studied knowing the needs of your potential customers , it is no use trying to sell high-heeled shoes a male list, nor sow seed for fishermen.

known still giving offers to people of a specific niche are slow to decide to purchase about 7 emails persuasive showing the benefits of the product or service you should get .

So now we know the importance of a list of subscribers we ask .

How to build your own list of subscribers ?

No doubt the easiest way to build a list is ” autoresponder ” essential tool for business Internet marketing, this can be preloaded with messages that arrive sequentially to subscribers once they enroll in the form of page capture giving us permission to send them messages .

All good ” AUTORESPONDER ” have a html code where visitors should leave their name and emails that is stuck on the landing page or capture page , some are allowed to request more information but the latter is not recommended at first contact .

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